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Medical Insurance

Medical insurance is required for all foreign citizens traveling to the Republic of Belarus.

To be eligible for emergency medical care in Belarus all foreign citizens should have the medical insurance agreement with a Belarusian insurance company or with an authorized foreign insurance company and possess the insurance certificate (policy) issued by the company.

The insurance certificate (policy) issued by a foreign insurance company should be valid on the territory of the Republic of Belarus during the stay and should cover the insurance cases established by the Law of the Republic of Belarus. The minimum limit of insurance responsibility is five thousand US dollars.

The representatives of Belarusian insurance companies will provide foreign citizens with necessary insurance agreements and certificates on any border crossing point of the Republic of Belarus.

Citizens of the Republic of Belarus and corporate bodies registered in Belarus inviting foreign citizens to visit Belarus are entitled to complete the medical insurance agreements for their invitees.

Medical insurance is not required for tourists with transit visas crossing Belarus, diplomats and official delegations, crewmembers of air and rail vehicles, citizens of the CIS states, holders of the Travel documents (“Titre de Voyage”) issued to stateless persons and refugees.

Insurance premium for foreign citizens ranges from US$1 for up to 2 days stay to $ 85 for a one year stay.


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