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Please review these important points before you proceed with your booking.

  1. Please select your room type carefully. Single rooms are designed for one person, and double rooms are designed for two people.
  2. Most hotels offer two twin beds in double rooms, and rooms with one larger bed for two people may be available on request, which sometimes requires an upgrade of room category and rate.
  3. If you are booking a room for more than one person, please indicate name(s) of other guest(s) in the space(s) provided on the reservation form. Some hotels also require citizenship of each guest, so you may be requested that information.
  4. Hotels do not allow for more than one person to occupy a single room.
  5. If you are booking a room for more than two people, extra charge for rollaway bed in the amount of up to 50% of the room rate will be added to the price. Many hotels do not allow for more than two adults to occupy one unit – you will be offered to book more than one room or a different hotel or an apartment in such case.. If you have more than two adults willing to share one room, we recommend booking apartments as a convenient and economical alternative.
  6. Check out time is 12:00 Noon. If you need to check out later, additional fee in the amount of one night’s stay or half a night’s stay will be applied to your total.
  7. You can check in as early as 9:00 AM local time. If you plan to check in earlier,. please make sure to inform us of any unconventional check in or check out times.
  8. We cannot guarantee a non-smoking room, as most Belarusian hotels do not differentiate between smoking and non smoking units. If you indicate it in your request, we are glad to pass it on to the hotel administration.
  9. We cannot guarantee certain room numbers or floors of the building, as the rooms are assigned during check in within the room category that is confirmed to you. If you indicate certain preference in your request, we are glad to pass it on to the hotel administration.
  10. Some hotels include breakfasts in their room rates, some offer breakfasts as optional.
  11. Not all hotels provide airport transfers and shuttle buses, and those that offer these services do not include them in room rates. We are always happy to schedule your transportation at competitive rates.
  12. The room rates advertised on the site are not finalized until confirmation is received from the hotel. Rates can change without notice depending on the season, local currency exchange rates, and other factors.
  13. Hotels do not post live availability, therefore we cannot guarantee whether the hotel and/or the room type you select will be confirmed. In case the room is not available, you will be notified of it and offered alternative option(s).
  14. Please allow for at least 2 business days before the date of check in. We reserve the right to decline your reservation if you provide too short of a notice. For very short notice bookings, we recommend that you contact our reservations department by phone or e-mail.
  15. Some hotels take a few days, some longer, depending on the season and availability situation, to confirm your booking. If you filled out the booking request and received an e-mail that your order is being processed, that means that our agent is working on your booking and will contact you with either confirmation of your room or other booking options as soon as the hotel provides a response to your booking. We always appreciate your patience.
  16. Once the booking is confirmed by the hotel, you will receive a confirmation via e-mail, fax or regular mail. You can show that confirmation at the reception desk when you arrive to the hotel. This hotel confirmation is not your visa support and cannot be used to apply for a visa.
  17. If you do not check in on the scheduled check-in date without informing our office in advance about change in your plans, you will be charged no-show penalty in the amount of one-night stay.
  18. If you wish to modify your reservation (change dates, extend or reduce your stay), please inform us no later than three business days prior to check in date. There is no penalty for timely adjustments to your booking.
  19. If you are staying at a hotel throughout your trip, the hotel will register your visa. If you plan to stay privately, please get registration at the Local Passport and Visa Service within 3 working days after you left hotel.

You are always welcome to contact us if you have other questions related to your reservation.


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