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Strochitsy Museum

Duration: 3 hours
Distance: 55 km (round trip)
Price per person: 1 pax - 75 EUR
2 pax - 65 EUR
3 pax - 55 EUR
4 pax - 50 EUR
5 pax - 45 EUR
6 pax - 40 EUR
7 pax - 35 EUR
Price includes: Transportation (car with a driver), English-speaking guide.


Strochisy is ethnographical complex which is situated in the picturesque surroundings of Minsk.

There you will see Belarusian village and rural life as it was at the beginning of 20th century. Strochitsy museum displays the original pieces of rural architecture from different regions of Belarus as well as interiors of houses and items of daily life that were used by rural people in the past. More than a hundred buildings such as dwellers houses ("khata"), wind mill, tavern, school, blacksmiths, wells, church are situated in the area of museum. You will be able to compare yourself different styles of architecture from different corners of Belarus.

The museum's exposition presents 3 Belarusian regions: Central, Dnepr and Lake Regions. These regions are represented by 3 villages. What is significant - all the differences in life style, architecture, culture of these regions are taken into account. The culture, handicrafts and architecture of Central region have its own peculiarities. It was typically of Central region to build houses in straight lines and in 2-3 rows. In the "Central" village you will see the church of the XIII century, school of the X century, karchma (traditional Belarusian restaurant), workshops, the House of the Municipal Government, village houses and sheds.

Dnepr region inhabitants were engaged in beekeeping, cattle breeding, weaving, building, pottery, wood engraving. At Strochicy you will see typically Dnepr region village.

Lake region differs form the two others by its hilly landscape with some eminences and hollows. There are many lakes, ponds and rivers too. Such landscape determined the architecture of the region that is remarkable for fewness of courts and the chaotic layout of houses.



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